1. In order to proceed with the measurement you will need a dressmaker's tape measure so that you can accurately measure the circumference of your neck. We advise you stand in front of a mirror to check your movements and measurement.
Pass the dressmaker's tape measure around your neck, making sure to hold the beginning of the tape measure in front of you; this way you will have full control over your movements and can gauge how much to tighten or loosen.
2. If you already know the size of the necklace you would like to buy, position the tape measure so that you get the same cm as the necklace and consider whether or not it may be right for you. This applies to figuring out all necklace sizes, whether they fit around the neck or not.
3. If, on the other hand, the size you are looking for is more like a choker necklace (tight around your neck) we need to go a step futher: while you are holding the tape measure tightly around your neck insert 1 or 2 fingers between your skin and the tape measure, which will loosen it, and then slip them out and leave an empty space.
Then you can assess how you feel with that measurement, whether it still tightens or not, and once you have done this, loosen the tape measure while keeping your finger on the obtained cm.
You will now be able to check if your size matches that of the necklace you wish to purchase. In case the necklace on sale is too tight for your neck, contact us at, we can make another one using your measurements!