The case.
In 2017, Flonia was born. The brainchild of Sara Florio, who began to cultivate her newfound passion for this precious and difficult material to work with: porcelain.
The artisan hands of the Flonia team has gradually become more experienced: they mold, paint, varnish, learn from their mistakes, and begin to create.

After almost a year of experimenting, Sara has decided to use this very complex material to produce her own line of unique jewelry by combining the two most typical Vicenza craft products, porcelain from Nove and precious metals, thus giving life to a line of refined jewelry with a distinct allure of delicacy.

Flonia offers jewelry made entirely by hand, from the first to the last step, which become true micro sculptures. The uniqueness of these products fully reflects the brand's philosophy, namely, to create unique pieces with a soul and intended for people with such uniqueness, hence the company's motto: "Handcrafted with soul."

Each product, each story that is told by the brand, is a dream that Sara, the designer, wants to bring to the world, thus unleashing her imagination and her view of what beauty should be; something which Sara likes to define as "a transcendent element that transcends gender, age, background, and goes beyond what society identifies as beautiful or ugly, male or female, appropriate or inappropriate."

All Flonia products stem from the need to express the concept of alternative "design." By using a material that is so malleable, it gives us the opportunity to create artifacts in the most diverse forms.


Porcelain, since it is related to clay, carries a warmth and roundness that, combined with the cold, angular metal, creates a well-balanced and unique product. Moreover, the apparent fragility of porcelain establishes an aura of devotion, thanks to the extra attention and care that must be paid to it. The act of wearing a piece of Flonia jewelry is an intimate moment, a ritual that takes us back to forgotten habits that used to be an integral part of our day, such as taking care of our belongings.

"La manina" (small hand) is Flonia's most iconic product, which pays homage to such an important part of the human body.

With our hands we can nurture, work, express our feelings and creativity. It is through the hands that we perceive everything around us and can make endless connections.